Hackathon: Code for Impact

von Petsch, Erik
Dear Hackathon-enthusiasts,
This is not your typical tech-only affair. If you have ever felt the urge to join a Hackathon but hesitated because you weren’t sure about your technical prowess, fear not! This event is designed for you too. Whether you’re a coding expert or just dipping your toes into the tech world, this Hackathon welcomes all levels of expertise. So, if you’ve been waiting for your chance to dive in, keep reading. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!
When and Where?
Upcoming Event: Hackathon: Code for Impact
Kick-off: Friday 10.05.2024 @17:30-19:00 in G2.1.07 (Creative Space)
24-hr Hackathon: 17.05. – 18.05.2024 10:00-12:00

What is it about?

Join us for the „Hackathon: Code for Impact,“ a dynamic and inspiring 24-hour event where technology meets sustainability! This hackathon challenges participants to develop innovative solutions that positively impact our environment and society. Whether it’s creating apps to reduce carbon footprints, designing platforms that promote sustainable living, or developing algorithms that optimize energy use, your creativity can lead to real-world change. Dive into the exciting intersection of IT, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. 
Who can participate and why should you participate?
This event is open to all students and faculty members of the Hochschule Pforzheim, as well as interested participants with connection to the HSPF looking for a platform to showcase their talents and make an IMPACT. Interdisciplinary teams will have the opportunity to work together, combining diverse skills and perspectives, to build something truly innovative. 
You should participate if you:
– Are passionate or at least curious about technology and sustainability. 
– Want to apply or develop your coding, design, and business skills in a practical setting. 
– Are looking for an opportunity to network with like-minded peers and industry professionals. 
– Wish to enhance your resume with hands-on project experience and potential awards. 
What will the process be like?
– Registration: Sign up now through the registration form or email designfactory@hs-pforzheim.de.
Kickoff: The event starts on Friday 10.05 at 17:30 with a brief introduction, keynote speech, and networking session. 
– Team Formation: Don’t have a team? No worries! Teams will be formed during the kickoff based on interests and skills. 
– Development Phase: From Friday 10:00 morning to Saturday 10:00, teams will work on their projects. Mentors and coaches will be available throughout to provide guidance and insights. 
– Final Presentations: On Saturday afternoon, (10:00-12:00) teams will present their solutions to a panel of judges.  
– Support and Resources Participants will have access to high-speed internet, inspiring workspace, and support throughout the event.  
– Health and Safety: All current health regulations will be strictly followed to ensure a safe and productive environment for everyone. The 24hour sprint not mandatory, you decide your working hours.  
We’re excited to see the innovative solutions you’ll bring to life. Let’s code for impact and pave the way toward a sustainable future together! For registration, use the QR-Code underneath!

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