Business School

The broad spectrum of study programs that are tailored to the demands of today’s economy offer ambitious applicants manifold possibilities to acquire qualifications in Business and Business Law.

Bachelor Programs

  • Business Information Systems-Management and IT (B.Sc.)
  • Digital Enterprise Management (B.Sc.) – starts in English (first 4 semesters)
  • Controlling, Finance and Accounting (B.Sc.)
  • Human Resources Management (B.Sc.)
  • International Business (B.Sc.)
  • International Marketing (B.Sc.)
  • Market Research and Consumer Psychology (B.Sc.)
  • Marketing (B.Sc.)
  • Media Management and Psychology of Advertising (B.Sc.)
  • Purchasing and Logistics (B.Sc.)
  • Resource Efficiency Management (B.Sc.)
  • Taxation and Auditing (B.Sc.)
  • Business Law (B.Sc.)

Master Programs

  • Auditing and Taxation (M.A.)
  • Creative Communication and Brand Management (M.A.)
  • Controlling, Finance and Accounting (M.A.)
  • Information Systems (M.Sc.)
  • Innovative Service Marketing (M.A.)
  • International Management (MBA)
  • Auditing, Business and Law (M.A.)
  • Human Resources Management (M.Sc.)
  • Corporate Communication Management (M.Sc.)
  • Life Cycle and Sustainability (M.Sc.)
  • Management (MBA) (extra-occupal)