Right to Rectification


von Waidelich, Lukas

GDPR Requirements
The data subject has the right to obtain from the controller the rectification without delay of incomplete or inaccurate personal data concerning him or her (Article 16).

Resulting Challenge
The user must be able to request that his or her personal data be rectified or completed. In order to provide such a function, the system must have a flexible architecture. Data must be adaptable during operation. The processing, on the other hand, must be simple and quick.

Technical Solution Approach
For the processing of the data within the backend, interfaces must be provided that enable subsequent processing of the data. Microservices in combination with REST interfaces can be used for this purpose. Depending on the processing process, different interfaces can be provided to enable flexible (on-the-fly) data processing.


  • Does the system support rectification of personal data?
  • Can data be changed specifically and separately?
  • Is changed data immediately available?

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