Recap: Exkursionswoche Schweden 2023

Ab nach Stockholm!

by Karina Niemeyer

Exkursionswoche nach Schweden für Studierende der Hochschule Pforzheim

Jährlich richtet die Hochschule Pforzheim für die unterschiedlichen Studiengänge eine aufregende Exkursionswoche aus. Darunter 25 Studierende der Bachelor-Studiengänge Wirtschaftsinformatik und Digital Enterprise Management. Ziel der Reise war die wunderschöne Hauptstadt Schwedens: Stockholm. Vom 7. bis zum 14. Mai hatten die Studierenden die Möglichkeit, Eindrücke über die schwedische Kultur, die Königliche Familie und vieles mehr zu erhalten. Die Exkursionswoche diente nicht nur der fachlichen Weiterbildung. Sie hat auch das Ziel, den Horizont der Studierenden im Hinblick auf interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit und globales Verständnis zu erweitern.

Eine Studentin hat die gesammelten Erfahrungen und Eindrücke zusammengefasst und mit Bildern untermalt:

„May is the usual time for our degrees’ annual field trip, one of the most anticipated events in students’ lives during the summer semester. This year we decided to go grand and took it outside of Germany, namely in the Swedish capital-the scenic Stockholm. We spent a whole week in this vibrant city – fromthe 7th until the 14th of May-together with our 25 students from BA/ Business Informatics and BA/ Digital Enterprise Management, and our accompanying Prof. Werner Burkard.

The adventure began on Sunday, when we flew together to Sweden and met in our accommodation in the afternoon. The group gathered for a kick-off meeting, where the organization team provided an overview of the itinerary and the logistical details surrounding the trip. Excitement could be felt in the air as the students were eagerly looking forward to the days ahead.

The week started with a visit to the illustrious Royal Palace, right in the heart of Stockholm. The students marveled at the official residence of the Swedish monarch, King Carl XVI Gustaf. Exploring the palace, they learned about its rich history. Infact, the offices of the King, the other members of the Swedish royal family, and the Royal Court of Sweden are located there. The palace is used for representative purposes by the King whilst performing his duties as the head of state.

In the afternoon, to immerse themselves in the Swedish culture, the students indulged in a traditional Fika experience. They relished the aromatic coffee and tried the typical delicious kanelbulle, a cinnamon bun, while enjoying the chance to relax and connect with their peers. Fika is an essential Swedish ritual and part of the common lifestyle, which offers the opportunity to take a break through out the day, unwind, and interact with family, friends, or colleagues.

After that, we delved into the artistic side of Stockholm by visiting the world’s longest art gallery -the subway (called tunnelbana in Swedish). Decorated by over 100 artists, the Stockholm subway system has become a platform for democratizing art, captivating passengers with its unique and diverse art installations.“

Autorin: Desislava Spasova

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